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Join internationally certified yoga teacher classes of “TANNY BHATTACHARJEE”. Private classes for Prenatal yoga.

Why Yoga over Gym?

Gyms focus primarily on improving the physical body conditions.
Whilst, Yoga helps you to be truly in the moment thereby infusing your spirit with positive energies!
Yoga is a powerful health discipline that heals many health issues without medicines

“Yoga is not just a physical exercise, it builds your emotional stability and calms your mind”

Yogic graph of this Fitness expert has been gradually elating which is impressive and motivating by itself to follow her path as Yoga firstly renders clarity to our life goals.

And Tanny, as a Fitness influencer, has demonstrated this fact through her true self.
She has won many accolades and awards at national and international level.
Yet unruffled, calm composed…..!!

Yoga Classes

Online Classes

Online yoga classes for beginners and intermediate. Set your yoga regime with Bangalore top-rated yoga teacher.

Prenatal Yoga

Offline Classes

Offline yoga classes at the fitness center in Bangalore will give you soothing ambiance to perform yoga in peace. Flexible schedule so you can get the yoga trainer at your own time.


Fit and Fabb offer personalized and customized yoga classes for your comfort of schedule. It is designed based on the requirements of yours. It helps in achieving fitness targets in a faster mode. Get your plan fixed with internationally certified yoga teacher with Tanny Bhattacharjee-The top 6 fitness influencer in Bangalore.


Staying rooted to our Indian tradition and culture!

Tanny, being a fitness model supports the ancient traditions and cultures like,

Yoga is a very old tradition that dates back to almost 5000 years

Know about Yoga?

It is uniting the soul with the body i.e. translated from uniting jeevatma with paramatma.

It is a science of self-awareness, self development and self-transformation.

Being into modellng, Tanny was clear about her life goals and bestows,the credit of her achievements, upon Practising Yoga .



Best yoga classes for beginners to start a fitness regime with yoga. It’s best to indulge yourself for a start with yoga.

Female Fitness Training

Lose weight with yoga sessions with certified professional yoga trainer.



Exclusive experience of a prenatal yoga session with Fit and fabb star instructor that is Tanny Bhattacharjee itself.

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