One on One Consultation


One on One Consultation



*Schedule your consultation session at mutual comfort hour. You will get notified with all details after booking.

What You Can Ask In One on One Consultation with Tanny

  1. Know the best workout as per your body and lifestyle.
  2. Weight Loss Guidance
  3. Prenatal Yoga consultation
  4.  How to work towards losing belly fat
  5. Yoga for Stress
  6. Female Fitness consultation

Are you disappointed with your current physical fitness?

Do you lack the motivation to lift some weight or walk that extra mile every morning?

Are you even struggling to lose that belly fat to fit in your favorite dress?

And has this led you to hours of research both online and offline but with no result?

Well! pause for a moment and take a deep breath. These are the normal things that happen to us when we ignore physical fitness. And it can often affect us both physically and mentally and leads to unfortunate events like stress and anxiety. However, with my consultancy, you will really find yourself in a better state of mind to commence your fitness journey.

All you need to do is contact me and we can have a one on one discussion to identify all the necessary changes requires to help you not only lose that belly fat and fit in that beautiful dress of yours. But will also, help you walk that extra mile and a lot more. So, get in touch with us if you want to lead a better lifestyle.

Product Details

Personal Fitness and Recommendation

With the advent of the internet, people are addicted to the free information that is available online. And when it comes to having a fitness trainer, people may have started thinking that personal trainers are going obsolete. Well, people couldn’t be more wrong than believing in this as they may have learned from the fitness programs that lack accountability, individualization, and continued motivation support. This is where you need certified trainer to guide you in your fitness journey. Here, Tanny, as certified yoga trainer will provide you the consultation you are looking for. Take out all your hesitation and doubts regarding beginning of your body type fitness regime and plan lifestyle accordingly together.

I understand that there are several personal health and fitness recommendations out there. However, too much of anything isn’t ideal as it may only confuse you further on your possible selections. Also, when you look through multiple personal health recommendations, you often will have the realization that none of it is matching with your body type nor it has specified if it is for a male or a female. But with Tanny, you can save all this stress and wastage of time with our one on one session of discussions. So what are you waiting for? Fill the form and  reach you at the earliest.

Filling the detailed registration form helps in getting idea  about everything like your medical history that can be used to determine your ideal personal health fitness partner in our first ever consultation meeting that, obviously, is complimentary. What more? It can be held in person to person meetings as well if you are not fond of phone meetings. With that being said, “The first thing we do is conduct a thorough fitness assessment to learn where your body is currently at and what more can be turned to make it better both inside and outside.”

Tanny personal fitness recommendation routine includes goals as well and that means you will be guided throughout your course to achieving a fit and healthier body.

Prenatal Yoga

Are you pregnant? And is worried about how your child is going to be born? Are you looking for a prenatal fitness trainer but not sure when to start? And at which trimester, what forms of exercises are the best? Then you can contact me. As our Internationally certified Prenatal yoga trainer Tanny will make you understand completely why prenatal yoga is the best proven way to help pregnant women to get themselves in the best shape to deliver their baby problem free. You can also learn about the diets and nutrition that are vital for the health of both the woman and her baby in her belly.

Weight Loss and Lifestyle Discussion

Is the excess body weight gone out of your control? Is it affecting your lifestyle choices now? Are you unable to find a way to curve down your unhealthy eating habits or find a gym that suits you? Well, you can contact me our trainer just might be your best option to help you with weight loss and lifestyle issues. Here, on one on one consultation with Tanny, you will get multiple diet and nutrition charts that can easily substitute your unhealthy eating habits with healthier ones. Besides, she train you some simple but effective exercises that can significantly help you in curving down your weight issues and therefore, boosting your confidence and lifestyle choices.


30 min, 1 hr


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