Hatha Yoga Classes Bangalore

A complete beginners and intermediate guide to Yoga.
Focus on Asanas , Pranayama, Breathing, Relaxation techniques and Meditation.


Hatha Yoga Classes in Bangalore – Fit and Fabb

Alignment, Engagement and Energy !!

The classical Hatha Yoga is the most alluring form of Yoga.

Now a days, it’s quite a common word that is used around a lot in the Yoga world !

A complete beginners and intermediate guide to Yoga.

Our Hatha Yoga classes, focus on Asanas , Pranayama, breathing, relaxation techniques and meditation.

Haṭha yoga has its origin dating back to Sanskrit word “हठ” “haṭha” which translates to mean “force” and thus alludes to a system of physical techniques. It also means slow paced.

What we offer?

Slow paced and suitable for beginners of all ages.

Helps to lose weight, build your muscles, burn the fat, and tone you up.

Improved flexibility and tones the muscles around the spine and hamstrings.

Elevated moods are calmed down as it offers breathing and long holdings on all poses.

Harmonious body mind and soul and positive outlook as there are balancing postures that put your mind and body in perfect tandem.

Involves breathing practices and detailed alignment cues to synchronize within the poses, as longer the time in the pose, it allows for a bit more fine-tuning.

For elderly people, improved range of motion in joints thereby helping to avoid surgeries.

We provide Hatha yoga Classes online.


What it offers?

Customized Hatha Yoga Classes in Bangalore For Every Student

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