Fusion Yoga Classes

Fusion of calming and challenging poses!
Fusion yoga combines Yoga with other disciplines of fitness. Fusion yoga typically combines standard yoga with another disciplines like a sport, an entertainment activity.


Power Fusion Yoga Classes

One is good, two is company!

Combinations are good always, as they leverage and balance the benefits of each other!

Why not try a fusion in Yoga??

Fusion workout is better as it combines yoga poses with other fitness regimens, such as Pilates, Strength Training and Dance. 

Yoga with other disciplines lets you burn more calories than yoga alone, while still getting the benefits of this ancient practice!

Avail best suited, Fit and Fabb online fusion yoga classes in Bangalore with certified yoga trainer.

Fusion Yoga Classes Offers

Fusion Yoga is about striking different yoga poses blending with different disciplines o fitness regime that gives your heart, lungs, and muscles a more challenging workout than doing them all individually.

It burns more calories than your gentle yoga class, strengthens the body and helps with flexibility.

Great workout to build muscle and stamina, and it teaches focus and relaxation thereby helping in muscle toning.

Fusion workout offers more stretching and relaxation of muscles.We also have meditation at the end of this class.

Combining Yoga and other physical activities, is a natural fit because it requires us to focus not only on the breath, precise movements but also proper alignment of our core muscles, as we flow through the workout.

Mind related benefits of fusion workouts like better balance, deeper relaxation and reduced stress, Improved focus on your worklife.

Physical benefits are Stronger arms, legs and glutes, toned core muscles thus stronger connection with your body.


What it offers?

Customized Fusion Yoga Classes in Bangalore

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