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Tanny Bhattacharjee

Fitness model turned Fitness Influencer

Fashion is not cosmetic, it is for real !
’’A fit, healthy body — is the best fashion’’ says Tanny, One of the Top Health and Fitness Influencer in Bangalore, India.

Tanny Bhattacharjee, is already an inspiration to so many young girls out there who aspire to follow the field of fashion and fitness!

Undeniably, she is one of the most influential fitness model.

“Yogic Equilibrium to the resistance for Yoga over Gym, amongst Young fitness freaks”


Top Brands – Collaborations and Acquaintances

As a fitness influencer,she has professionally been associated with top most brands like FITBIT, RAW PRESSERY , XTEP, DECATHLON, CULTFIT, BLOWN, Boat, etc

Associated and worked with top most brands like FEMINA, FLIPKART, DEEPAM SAREES, etc as a fitness model whereby she was part of different brand campaigns.


Eternal beauty with Enduring health

Beauty is but skin deep !!

“Yoga is a natural therapy that makes one look healthy, youthful and beautiful”
Tanny Bhattacharjee, one of the youngest Fitness influencer in Bangalore, India has demonstrated this through her achievements.

“Pride of fitness elates when fashion recognises it too”
Tanny Bhattacharjee was crowned as, MISS IBIBO FRESH FACE in 2011.

“Yoga is an amazing inward journey that illuminates life beyond pain and suffering”
Beauty pageants and fashion world demands a lot of your energies towards proving yourself constantly.
Tanny has has been able to strike a balance between her profession and passion with the help of Yoga.
Paying back her gratitude towards her well- versed Yogic practices, Tanny decided to spread across the Yogic wave across the nation.

Fashion Acquaintances

Fitness model to top rated banners is a elated feeling of being Fit and Fabb.

Enjoyed the privilege to be a Show stopper for different fashion events is a dream come true for many.

After attaining prowess into Fashion world, she has been Judge to various Fashion shows.

Lockdown Yoga and Corona virus workouts

Nominated for “Live with Hope” Corona warrior award in Fitness influencer category by a Lucknow based Production house conducting beauty pageants.

With adequate boost to keep up the good work, this young fitness influencer from Bangalore bucked up again for a nationwide initiative.

“#MATISENOUGH” initiative was a prominent addition to this Yogic Fitness blogger’s success spree.
This initiative was a refresher and breather to all those who were bogged down by lockdown.


Recognition by Society and Government

As it’s rightly said, success comes to those deserve it!
Perseverance of this Fitness influencer towards her Yogic journey was recognised by the government, beauty pageants and editorials.

Panelist Digital Yoga Conclave 2020 by Ministry of Ayush on this International Yoga day.

Conferred upon with the Title of the Best Yoga influencer on International Yoga Day’ 2020, by Vipin Priyanka Production and Theatre & Film Welfare Association.
Being an energetic fitness influencer, she clearly won the title out of 100s of participants across the country.  

Social media presence

As a Fitness influencer, India, Tanny decided to share her journey in social media.
“Expressing is as important as acting upon anything”

Tanny is one of the most adored Fitness blogger and Public speaker for Health and Fitness.
She is a verified Amazon Influencer and is trying to help and motivate others in adopting a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle.

Amongst top 10 influencers in Bangalore!!


Top Fitness influencer, India

Top Editorials like are vying to mention her achievements and continuous efforts towards attaining a Yogic momentum.

Vogue times has highlighted her as an Inspiring Prenatal Yoga trainer as an extension to her sheer interest towards encouraging Pregnant mothers to do Yoga.

Recognised and featured Fitness model turned Fitness influencer, for Corona virus workouts, by trending publications like Business & brands.

Others news editorials like DNA India, Apna news, First India, Prabhat News have recognised Tanny’s efforts towards the Lockdown efforts to conduct online yoga classes and the Health regime she is determined to spread. There by, praising her remarkable spread of an air of fitness across the country.

Plethora of news editorials like KVS 24  news and BHNN news, Social India today have covered her journey, stating the importance of Yoga and how it enhances life.

While Fashion is world to her and Fitness, the greatest passion; she emerged as an Influencer for both Fashion and Fitness inspiring her followers to Stay Fit and Look Fabb!


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